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When you’re looking for a Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, or JEEP® oil change service at a fair price, at a service center you can trust, we’re here for you.

We get it; your schedule is busy, and needing an oil change only adds to it. That’s why we get it done as timely and conveniently as possible while still bringing attention to detail to the table. Quick is one thing; high quality is another. We offer you both for your oil change. We only use manufacturer-recommended oil and oil filters and the latest cutting-edge tools of the trade. When you stop by for your Ram oil change service, you’ll also be treated to the same customer service you’d get when buying a new car with us.

Our coupons will make it easy on your wallet, so stop by today, and help keep your vehicle running at its best.

The Importance of a Mopar® Oil Change Service

Engine oil is more straightforward than it seems. In a nutshell, it reduces the friction generated by the countless moving parts inside your engine. Remember putting your socks on to slide across your family’s floor as a kid? Think of what would happen if those socks suddenly disappeared. It wouldn’t be fun for your feet, and compromised engine oil isn’t fun for your engine.

That’s the gist of why a Jeep® oil change service is so important. Without it performed at the right time and with the right oil, everything from a loss of efficiency to irreversible engine damage can occur. Fear not, as we’ll give you the specified interval to have your next oil change performed.

Not Every Dodge Oil Change Service Is Equal

At our service center near Cape Coral, FL, our certified technicians know exactly the right oil for the job. What is the “right oil for the job”? Simply put, engine oil comes in many forms, denoted by codes like “0W-20.” This refers to viscosity at varying temperatures, and it’s critical to pick the right one for your vehicle. Beyond viscosity, there’s also two main types of oil: conventional and synthetic.

We insist on a synthetic oil change, as not only is it often the manufacturer-recommended type, but it offers the following advantages over conventional:

  • Your oil change interval will last longer
  • Your fuel economy can increase
  • Its more resistant to chemical breakdown
  • Its more resistant to high temperatures
  • It flows more efficiently in cold temperatures

There’s one downside, which is that the oil change cost will be slightly higher with synthetic oil. But, we can counteract it with our oil change coupons so that you can enjoy all the benefits, but without the sole drawback.

Frequently Asked Oil Change Questions:

How long is my Dodge oil change interval?

No matter if it’s for your Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, or Jeep® vehicle, the oil change interval will vary depending on factors like model, model year, mileage, driving habits, road conditions, temperature fluctuations, and more. When you have a Dodge oil change service performed, we’ll give you a specific interval for when the next one is required. That said, for a newer model using synthetic oil, the oil change interval should fall around 7,500 to 10,000 miles.

How much time does a Ram oil change service take?

Whether a Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, or Jeep® oil change service, the specific time it takes will vary depending on the vehicle’s model, model year, and more. We strive to make it as timely and convenient as possible, and an oil change at our service center should take between 30 to 45 minutes on average.

What type of oil is recommended for my vehicle?

The specific viscosity of oil required for your vehicle varies. But, for most vehicles under these manufacturers, Pennzoil® brand synthetic oil is the recommended choice. As well, an oil filter change with a genuine Mopar® filter is recommended.

How much does a JEEP® oil change cost?

The price of an oil change will vary depending on the type of oil used, vehicle model, and more. Contact us for an estimate today.

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